What We Do

Complex Securities Valuation

The valuation of sophisticated financial instruments requires special expertise. DiFilippo Corporate Finance Group has the skills and experience to meet your complex securities valuation needs for financial and tax reporting, hedge effectiveness testing and strategic decision-making.

Specialized skill set

Our team has extensive experience in every facet of complex securities valuations, including:

  • Contingent consideration valuations for purchase price allocations under ASC 805 – Business Combinations
  • Incremental borrowing rates for adoption of ASC 842 – Leases
  • Employee market-based stock compensation and profit interests valuations under ASC 718 – Stock Compensation
  • Convertible securities and related embedded derivatives valuations
  • Hedge effectiveness testing
  • Debt valuations
  • Tranche financing valuations
  • License agreements classified as liabilities

Advanced analysis

Our complex securities team applies a range of sophisticated techniques—from scenario analysis and Monte Carlo simulations to lattice models and yield analysis—tailored to your specific circumstances. This detailed analysis helps ensure fair valuations to support compliance with financial reporting standards.

Wide range of securities

DiFilippo Corporate Finance Group can provide valuation services for many types of complex securities, including:

  • Fixed income securities
  • Convertible bonds
  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Swaps
  • Hybrid securities
  • Public/private warrants
  • Put-Call arrangements
  • Earnouts
  • Commodity and FX derivatives