What We Do

ASC 842 Lease Accounting

DiFilippo Corporate Finance Group has the expertise and experience required to help companies achieve compliance with the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. Clients rely on us for accurate estimations of lease liabilities and “right of use” assets.

Specialized skill set

DCF Group combines technical accounting and complex securities expertise to provide an integrated accounting and valuation solution for clients. This integrated approach results in a less onerous process for implementing ASC 842.

Thorough analysis

Determining the IBR involves a complex analysis of factors including sector, economic, entity-specific, and lease-specific considerations. DCF Group has extensive experience performing these analyses, together with market-leading information providers, to develop fair value recommendations that result in defensible recommendations.

Comprehensive solution

DCF Group can provide a technical accounting memorandum for ASC 842 implementation, together with valuation services for establishing the incremental borrowing rate, including:

  • Analysis of company-specific and guideline peer company data
  • Credit rating score of company and guideline peer companies supported by trusted, third-party information resources
  • IBR recommendations based on company-specific lease portfolio
  • ASC 842-related financial reporting assistance, including journal entries and financial statement disclosures
  • Support throughout the audit process