What We Do

Public Offering/IPO Readiness

At DiFilippo Corporate Finance Group, we have decades of experience working with organizations preparing for initial public offerings and offerings of public equity and debt. We understand that time is of the essence and delays can jeopardize the transaction. You can rely on DCF Group for accurate, timely valuations to keep your capital market plans on track.

Initial public offerings (IPOs) and special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)

We provide a comprehensive range of services to support IPOs and SPAC launches, including:

  • Reviewing IPO timelines and advising on valuation triggers
  • Prior to S-1 filing, reviewing 2 years of financial statements and advising management on equity grants, debt, tranche obligations, embedded derivatives and collaboration/license agreements, which may require bifurcation of the payment agreements
  • Preparing quarterly valuations for 10Q filings subsequent to the public offering
  • Preparing common stock valuations at milestone dates leading up to and through the IPO date
  • Responding to SEC comment letters
  • Working collaboratively with the company’s auditors to keep the IPO process on track

PIPE (private investment in public equity) offerings

We can help allocate the proceeds between common equity, warrants and other securities issued.

Convertible debt offerings

We can help allocate value between the debt component and conversion features, warrants and other derivatives.

Reverse mergers

Rely on DCF Group to prepare fair value recommendations for equity, debt securities, warrants, and other key factors related to reverse merger transactions.