What We Do

Tax Reporting

DiFilippo Corporate Finance Group provides expert, transaction-based tax advisory services. Our tax reporting valuations include optimization of valuation/return on investment to support deal structuring for mergers and acquisitions, legal entity restructurings, and general corporate planning.

Defensible opinions

Our tax reporting and consulting services have been challenged and successfully defended in reviews by the Internal Revenue Service and international taxing authorities.

Pre-deal assessment / modeling

We can model the financial valuation impact in mergers and acquisitions, including:

  • Tax amortization from stepped-up basis of fixed assets, IRC §197 goodwill and intangible assets from asset deal structure or IRC § 338(h)(10) election
  • Net operating loss (NOL) limitations and built-in gains analysis (IRC §382)
  • Intellectual property analysis

Wealth planning

We provide a range of services to inform wealth planning decisions, including:

  • Gift tax valuations
  • Estate tax valuations
  • Charitable donations
  • Valuation of interests in family limited partnerships and limited liability companies

Corporate tax

Rely on DCF Group for advisory services for a range of corporate tax scenarios, including:

  • IRC §409A compliance and 83(b) elections
  • IRC §1202 for legal entity conversions for qualified small business stock (QSBS)
  • IRC §165 related to worthless stock deductions
  • 280G golden parachute valuations
  • International tax reorganizations and foreign subsidiary valuations
  • Legal entity valuations, entity spinouts and asset transfers
  • Debt cancellations